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                      About Us

                      Full stack solution and technical service provider

                      Shenzhen Yisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a chip application solution provider focusing on large conference screens, live broadcast machines, smart commercial displays, smart cash registers, Internet of Things, big data and 5G products. Stack solutions and technical services to achieve rapid implementation of customer products.

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                      • 150+

                        The company has 150+ employees

                      • 90+

                        90+ R&D personnel

                      • 40+

                        More than 40 property rights patents

                      • 3000

                        Office area of 3000 square meters

                      The main board of the conference machine is equipped with electronic whiteboard writing, multimedia display and other common tools in conferences, making the conference easier.
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                      Designed to simplify publishing steps, enrich publishing content, reduce publishing costs, and improve publishing efficiency
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                      Combining with offline stores and launching advertisements through advertising screens, leading a new round of changes for offline stores
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                      The face recognition main board is connected with all kinds of swing gates and three-roller gates to realize the function of face recognition.
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                      Focusing on face-swiping payment, it aggregates a variety of payment methods including face, QR code, etc. It can be used as a vending machine plug-in or embedded display
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                      Software Products
                      News Advisory
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